Friday, December 2, 2011

Milestone 1 nearing completion

The project that I am working on has been split up into six milestones.  Milestone one is nearing completion, major coding and small scale testing has been done.  Next up is to try it out on the intended servers in full scale.  This also comes after switching from using Java with SVNKit to using C# with SharpSVN.

The purpose for milestone one is: Determine code deltas for each branch.  The purpose of this milestone is to determine the code differences between different branches.  For example how much code has changed between team branch 1 and the integration branch and vice versa.  By discovering the differences, we can pre-emptively discover potential merge conflicts.

The purpose of the following milestones is to then take this data and discover where in the code merge conflicts are most likely to arise.  We can then notify developers a lot earlier in development where problems could arise, and thus speed up production time.

More to come...

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