Thursday, October 20, 2011

NDA delays.

After almost a month (possibly more), the NDA's between the University of Calgary - or more specifically, Jonathan Sillito, Shaun Phillips and I - and the Company we are going to be working with, are signed.  The company has requested via the NDA to remain anonymous.  So from here on they will be referred to as "The Company".  Hopefully now that the NDA's are signed and in place it won't be long until we have access to their source code repositories, and can start data mining.

On another note, school work is adding up fast.  In this next week I have 2 tests, a 3-5 page essay, and a glossary due.  So I'm a little short for time to say the least.  I will also be interviewing with a Chilean company on wednesday to see if I can work part time remotely doing software development.

At this point all personal projects have been put on hold to make time for school, and other obligations.

Adam Kromm.